5 Ways to Correct Posture

November 20, 2020 By zenonashine

At youralternatelife.com we aim to provide simple techniques which can make you healthy without much effort. We strive for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. So, let’s get started with a very 5 simple techniques to correct your posture. 

But before that..

What do we mean by a correct posture?

A correct posture is defined as someone sitting with a completely elongated spine. Spine protects the spinal cord which is a bundle of nerve cells. Spinal cord is like the main transformer in the body from where electrical supply to other organs happens. That is why a straight spine is so important for proper flow of electrical and magnetic currents in the body. 

If you are already wondering about the electrical and magnetic currents in the body let us understand this a bit more. 

Human Body As An Electromagnetic Being

Our human body is a bio-electromagnet and it has already been detected by scientists.

If you are having a hard time visualizing the body as an electromagnetic being then please look at your ECG and EEG reports that measure the electrical currents in your heart and brain. And if you remember your high school physics, you will be able to easily remember that wherever there is electrical current there is also an associated magnetic field. 

So, now that basic definition is out of our way let’s delve a little further.

From a human’s heart there is a toroidal field emanating also called BioElectroMagnetic field (BioEMF). To keep this BioEMF healthy, we need correct posture. The health of this field determines the overall health of the individual.

That means that your correct posture corrects the BioEMF health and it governs your overall healthy being.Hence it is very important to have the correct posture. 

Now, let’s see 5 very simple ways to correct posture.

5 very simple ways to correct posture

1. Ardh-padmasana (Half-Padmasana) and slowly practicing poorna-padmasana (Full-Padamasana) 

Ardh-Padmasana and Full-Padmasana are some of the simple yoga techniques which help in correcting the posture.

How to do Ardh-Padmasana?

When we extend one leg and place the feet of this leg on the other leg, all the way to the pelvic crease then our spine automatically aligns correctly. You can keep the resting leg in crossed position if you are sitting on the floor and flat feet on the ground if you are sitting on a chair. 

5 Ways to Correct Posture : Ardha Padmasana

Alternate the legs for maximum benefit. When you keep practicing ardh-padmasana for long then one fine day you will be able to do poorna-padmasana. 

I personally love this one as it is the easiest one to do and once you place your feet this way, you forget about your posture and do your job without any worries. It’s a one time thing.

How to do Poorna-Padmasana?

In Poorna-Padmasana both the legs are on each other and touch the pelvic crease of the other sides.

5 Ways to Correct Posture : Purna Padmasana

2. Siddhasana

This is another simple yoga technique to correct posture.

5 Ways to Correct Posture : Sidhhasana

Place half buttocks on a folded towel/small blanket and place the heel of one feet under the genitals, pressing the area between the genitals and anus. You are almost sitting on your heels. Your spine will automatically correct itself.

3. Shoulder Roll

This is a very important step for all of us who spend a lot of time on laptops and struggle with low confidence. Especially women with large breasts tend to bend over and curve the shoulders inwards. This creates a lot of constant pressure on your back muscles and these women suffer with constant shoulder pain and back pain. So, Rolling your shoulders backwards brings the chest out and tucks the spine in. It aligns the spine correctly. You need to consciously remind yourself – CHEST OUT! CHEST OUT! CHEST OUT!

4. Equal Weight on Both Feet

Equal weight on both feet creates an alignment which automatically corrects the spine standing up or squatting down. 

Standing with equal weights on both feet

You need to place your awareness on both the knees and make sure you feel equal weight on both the knees.

5. Smiling

The best thing for the whole mind-body-soul complex is to smile. It feels awesome and when you are smiling, the body starts producing happy chemicals, all muscles relax, tensed and compressed spine starts to loosen up. It feels so good overall. 

Smiling couple

This is the best and the easiest method of all to maintain an overall wellbeing. That is why in Sujok , an acupressure technique, which has many levels as basic and advanced levels, the highest level as discovered by Dr. Park Jae Woo was Smiling!

Final Thoughts on 5 very simple ways to correct posture

These are some of the five simple techniques you can to correct your posture. All of these are very simple techniques and do not involve any outside equipment purchase or support. 

Please let us know in your comments below as to what you think about the techniques suggested above.

Anupriya is an Alternative Educator, Holistic Healing Trainer, Trance Medium and now an Author who has mastered many different healing and teaching modalities. She has worked in La Wisdom Alternative Learning Center in Bangalore for 2 years. She has educated children and parents on varied topics like emotional awareness, casteism in india, team work, career choices and addiction awareness etc. She continues to intrigue the minds of young people with her logical and experimental approach. Having gone through her own painful spiritual journey, she also learnt every healing modality that she could get her hands on. She has been training people in – Meditations, Reiki Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom technique, different forms of Acupressure and Reflexology, Ayurvedic Colour Therapy, Sujok, Naturopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, Chakra Healing, Angel Healing and Pendulum Dowsing etc from past 5 years. She has also developed faster healing methods for trauma and abuse victims using various guided meditations, creative visualisations and breathwork. Her faster methods work best with working professionals who have little to no time for themselves and children who have no patience as she teaches very quick tips and tricks to recover from painful circumstances. She also offers longer ‘energy and consciousness’ courses for adults, teenagers and children who wish to awaken a deeper human and spiritual awareness within them.

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