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Zenona Shine

A Spiritual Catalyst for all seekers.

Anupriya Srivastava or Zenona Shine (Spiritual Name) is a Holistic Healer who has mastered many different healing modalities. Having gone through her own painful spiritual journey, she has learnt every healing modality that she could get her hands on – Reiki, Illahinoor, Emotional Freedom technique,  Different forms of Acupressure and Reflexology, Ayurvedic Colour Therapy, Sujok – Basic, Naturopathy, Varmam, Marma Chikitsa, Chakra Healing, Bach Flower Remedies, Angel Healing and Pendulum Dowsing etc. She has also developed her own methods of healing through various guided meditations, creative visualisations and breathwork.

Check out her new book : An Angel’s Love (A strange perspective of archangel Metatron for his human lover – you!) 

Contact her to book an appointment : +91-9677090367

Instagram : ShineWithZenona

Youtube channel – Shine With Zenona

Facebook : – Shine With Zenona

At youralternatelife.com we aim to provide you a glimpse into how you can live a healthy life by following simple rules. We’ll try to cover various healing modalities, recommended foods and herbs, how to follow healthy life style and what can your read, listen and do for your soul’s growth.

The world is full of amazing experiences. We urge you to take your first step towards living a healthy and peaceful life by following the recommendation we provide time to time. There are various healing techniques developed in different parts of the world and many of these have helped people throughout the world.

Though the author herself is a trained practitioner in many different fields our recommendation should not be taken as a substitute for qualified medical advice.

Some of her Videos from her youtube channel :

Quick tip to correct Posture

Correct posture is precursor to infinite wisdom!

Prana- Lifeforce Energy Booster Meditation #MeditateWithZenona

How to heal the broken heart? #LearnWithZenona

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