The healing power of crystals has been used for centuries to raise vibration, improve physical well-being, and promote emotional balance. […]

December 21, 2022 By zenonashine

7 chakra beej mantra is an ancient technique that helps you activate the 7 chakras located in your body. In […]

December 19, 2022 By zenonashine

An Alternate life is a life which is not mundane. It has got a vive, a zeal, a purpose and […]

December 17, 2022 By zenonashine

Alternative medicine refers to any type of treatment that isn’t considered part of conventional medical care. Some people use alternative […]

December 4, 2022 By zenonashine

What Is Frequency Healing? Frequency Healing is a technique that uses sound waves to stimulate the body’s energy field. The […]

November 29, 2022 By zenonashine

“HowDid the roseEver open its heartAnd give to this worldAll itsBeauty?It felt the encouragement of lightAgainst its Being.Otherwise,We all remainTooFrightened” […]

August 30, 2021 By zenonashine

Meaning of Reiki Reiki (pronounced ray-key), simply translated from Japanese, means spiritual energy. REI – means Spirit or SpiritualKI – […]

January 9, 2021 By zenonashine

What is chanting? Chanting is a rhythmical repetition (either silently or aloud) of a song, prayer, word or sound. It […]

December 29, 2020 By zenonashine

A healer is born from the ashes like a Phoenix!  But once it rises from ashes, it does not hate […]

December 2, 2020 By zenonashine