Herbal Medicine

The Lost Book of Herbal Medicine

This is a review of the book – The lost book of herbal medicine by Dr. Nicole Apelian.

November 8, 2020 By zenonashine

How to make these teas? With dried leaves/flowers Bring water to boil and let it boil for sometime, then turn off the gas and add the flowers or leaves, cover with lid for 30 seconds. Mix it around and add honey and lemon to taste. With fresh flowers/leaves Bring water to boil and add the […]

October 11, 2020 By zenonashine

Herbs have been our friends since time immemorial. Humans could not have been created if plants were not present for nutrition, oxygen and water balance in our environment. Plants have been our protectors and caretakers since the moment we were born. Trees live longer than us and are older than human civilization. Just imagine the […]

October 9, 2020 By zenonashine

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