How to end suffering?

November 5, 2021 By zenonashine

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.”

Dalai Lama, Haruki Murakami, M. Kathleen Casey, Carolyn Myss and Sadhguru

1: Realise – No one is making you suffer.
2: Realise – it is your mind that is making you suffer.
3: Realise – It’s telling you a story about your situation. It is saying – “How could they…? Why did he…? How is it possible…? Why does it always…? They will never change. They are like this and that…Etc etc” and you get lost in these stories and narratives.

4: Change the narrative! End the suffering.

Simple? Yes but doing this alone in the beginning when you are inside the center of this suffering, it is difficult, take help to change this narrative!

Who to ask?
You can take help of any good friend, a psychologist, a wise old grandmother, a school teacher, a healer, your angels, your spirit guides and best of all – your “self”.

What to ask?

“Can you show me how is this situation helping me grow?”

As you silently wait for the answer, you will see the black clouds in front of you clearing away. You would start to see the ray of hope entering in between the parting clouds. Wait for the answer to change things inside you. This question gives you or anyone you ask – an opportunity to go deeper and find out truths about your situation.

A short process to facilitate this inner event:

1. Do haa breathing 3 times, forcefully exhale from stomach, make gut empty. Nose breath should become cold.
2. Close eyes, sit straight, with spine erect, eyes looking forward or 20 degrees up and eyes closed.
3. Now ask the question – “Can you show me how is this situation helping me grow?”
4. Exhale once more as if letting this question go away from you.
5. Wait silently inside your body. Rest in your body. Visions will come. You will hear your inner voice speak up. You will be shown how this is the only way this could have happened and why it is all good.

I also take help of Angels, they show me higher picture perspective, soul contracts and always make me believe it is all okay! It is all for our growth. And we have freedom of choice. We always have a choice to choose to love or choose to hate. We always have a choice to respond with love. We are free. Bodies are tied to time and space but you my dear, are free. You are not the body, nor the mind. So, you are free.

An aspect of divine lives inside you. In all of us. And divine can’t hurt divine. So what is happening? It is all a play. Divine can play a role with other divine beings and enjoy the drama. Decide to improve upon the roles and see that they are truly experiencing every possible permutation and combination of life aspects.

“Every experience is a success”

Louise Hay,
Author of You Can Heal Your Life.

Suffering or no suffering depends on your close and personal relationship with your mind.

It can be beautiful relationship or a horrible one. But it is the most important relationship that you should work on.

Anupriya is an Alternative Educator, Holistic Healing Trainer, Trance Medium and now an Author who has mastered many different healing and teaching modalities. She has worked in La Wisdom Alternative Learning Center in Bangalore for 2 years. She has educated children and parents on varied topics like emotional awareness, casteism in india, team work, career choices and addiction awareness etc. She continues to intrigue the minds of young people with her logical and experimental approach. Having gone through her own painful spiritual journey, she also learnt every healing modality that she could get her hands on. She has been training people in – Meditations, Reiki Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom technique, different forms of Acupressure and Reflexology, Ayurvedic Colour Therapy, Sujok, Naturopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, Chakra Healing, Angel Healing and Pendulum Dowsing etc from past 5 years. She has also developed faster healing methods for trauma and abuse victims using various guided meditations, creative visualisations and breathwork. Her faster methods work best with working professionals who have little to no time for themselves and children who have no patience as she teaches very quick tips and tricks to recover from painful circumstances. She also offers longer ‘energy and consciousness’ courses for adults, teenagers and children who wish to awaken a deeper human and spiritual awareness within them.

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