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Reflexology is a very beautiful treatment methodology. It is used in modern times only as relaxation technique but it is a very powerful treatment methodology. In this method, pressure is applied on the feet at certain parts of the feet that correspond to a certain organ in the body.

To understand reflex points, think of the word reflection. These points are like reflections of the organs. You can visualise the whole organ in these parts of the feet. I have noticed many times that when there is a liver problem, the whole liver area does not hurt, a small area hurts. Later when they go for check up, they will find out in ultrasound that the same area is affected. This is truly amazing to see.

To stimulate a particular area we use three types of pressure:

First make the correct posture of the thumb : make a right angle with your first phalange and second phalange of the thumb so that the pressure does not travel into your hands and hurts you.

  1. Clockwise pressure : To stimulate the corresponding organ we use this type of pressure. When any organ is under-functioning, like pancreas are not producing enough insulin or any other hormone deficiency, kidney not functioning properly – frequent urination, difficulty in passing urine etc
  2. Anti-clockwise pressure : To sedate the corresponding organ we use this type of pressure. When any organ is over-functioning like heart palpitations, burning sensations, gas or pain etc.
  3. Push and Pull pressure : When we do not know whether to sedate or stimulate an organ we do this type of pressure. Breathe in – pull the thumb out & breathe out – apply the pressure.
foot, massage, foot reflexology
foot, massage, foot reflexology

Organ correspondence can be done by mapping the body on both the feet. Mapping the left side of the body on left foot and right side of the body on right foot. Whole body is divided into 10 zones, 5 on left side and 5 on right side and similarly mapped on the foot.

zone theory reflexology

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