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How you can heal your own body with Sujok Therapy

Sujok acupressure therapy is the compact healing process which basically employs acupressure. This therapy is widely admired for its result in a short period of time.

“SuJok” is a combination of two words. In Korean ‘Su’ means hands and ‘Jok’ means feet. Thus, SuJok actually means treating on hands and feet. SuJok Acupressure is a Physical & Metaphysical, Natural Therapy of healing without drugs. It was developed by a Korean Professor Dr. Park Jae Woo based on the holographic nature of the universe.

It is an instant and effective healing therapy without medication and is absolutely safe and does not have any side effects.

SuJok acupressure helps in curing diseases like Arthritis, Bronchitis, Asthma, Cervical, Spondylitis, Backache, Joints pain, Migraine, Hypertension, Sinusitis, Deafness, Paralysis, Constipation, Acidity, Obesity, Diabetes, Blood-Pressure, Menstrual Problems and many more chronic disease related to different organs of our body.


There are 5 levels of Sujok acupressure treatment developed by Dr. Park Jae Woo and in level we can employ either pressure, seeds or magnet as a treatment procedure.


  1. Standard system : The whole body is mapped on your entire palm as shown in the center- upper picture.
  2. Insect System : The whole body is holographically mapped on each of your fingers, you can use any finger for treatment. It’s like you have 10 holograms of your body. (Right Upper corner picture.)
  3. Mini System : The whole body is holographically mapped on each of your first phalange. (Right Lower corner picture)



Byol System : The whole body is holographically mapped in standard, insect, mini systems but the focus is not on organs but on the chinese meridian systems. (Left picture)

!)  Chinese culture- Meridian system

           !!)  Indian culture- Chakra system

          !!!)  Egyptians culture- Diamond Energy system


There are 6 different energies flowing constantly inside our body . Our body is a complex machine and needs these energies in proper balance .These six energies are Wind, Heat, Hotness, Humidity, Dryness and Coldness. Whenever there is imbalance between these energies, our body shows certain symptoms which we call as diseases. In Sujok Therapy ,we can balance these energies with different ways . These six ki points are located on different vital organ meridians on fingers and toes . 


This Triorigin treatment therapy is carried out on joints of our fingers.  Joints act as stations for the correspondence of the energy flow of human body in our hands and feet.  Harmonization of these energies can be done easily and effectively on these joints using magnets, needles, seeds, and most easily and effective “Color Therapy”.


Smile is a Neutro emotion that is a sign of achievement or attenuation.  Through the “Tai-chi” & “Wu-ji” states of meditation, the ETERNAL SMILE software is downloaded in our Mind, Body & Soul to yield the smile touch in diagnosis as well as treatment. 


Later many other students have combined Sujok with several other methods of healing.

Su Jok Seed Therapy

Su Jok Seed Therapy

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In this video, you can know how to find exact Sujok Acupressure points

Anupriya is an Alternative Educator, Holistic Healing Trainer, Trance Medium and now an Author who has mastered many different healing and teaching modalities. She has worked in La Wisdom Alternative Learning Center in Bangalore for 2 years. She has educated children and parents on varied topics like emotional awareness, casteism in india, team work, career choices and addiction awareness etc. She continues to intrigue the minds of young people with her logical and experimental approach. Having gone through her own painful spiritual journey, she also learnt every healing modality that she could get her hands on. She has been training people in – Meditations, Reiki Energy Healing, Emotional Freedom technique, different forms of Acupressure and Reflexology, Ayurvedic Colour Therapy, Sujok, Naturopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, Chakra Healing, Angel Healing and Pendulum Dowsing etc from past 5 years. She has also developed faster healing methods for trauma and abuse victims using various guided meditations, creative visualisations and breathwork. Her faster methods work best with working professionals who have little to no time for themselves and children who have no patience as she teaches very quick tips and tricks to recover from painful circumstances. She also offers longer ‘energy and consciousness’ courses for adults, teenagers and children who wish to awaken a deeper human and spiritual awareness within them.

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