7 Healing Frequencies For Your Body and Soul

963 Hz frequency also known as the ‘frequency of the Gods’ helps to bring oneness to mind, body and soul.

963 Hz

Listening to this frequency music takes the mind away from over thinking and negative thought patterns.

852 Hz

Listening to 741 Hz frequency is known to enhance the gut feeling  and awaken intuition 

741 Hz

This frequency helps in bringing harmonious relationship and is known to be connected to Heart Chakra.

639 Hz

This healing frequency is the most popular frequency and is also known as love frequency or miracle frequency.  

528 Hz

This frequency helps in removing negative energy from the body, helps you welcome positive thoughts and balance the Sacral Chakra.

417 Hz

This frequency is known to turn the feeling of guilt into joy. This can also help in eliminating feelings of fear.

396 Hz

Bless Your Soul, Mind and Body!!