October 12, 2020 By zenonashine

About 2 years ago, one fine evening, I was just sitting on the floor and just observing myself with my eyes closed. Suddenly, I was shaken from inside of myself, as if continuous explosions are happening inside me. Each explosion asked me :”WHERE ARE YOU?” Followed by many statements – Check! Find out! Keep observing the body! Are you in the body? Again explosion – “WHERE ARE YOU?” I was jerking from inside as if the water in a water bottle swirls inside, the outside body was silent, inside many changes were taking place. I started looking very quickly – Yes! Where AM I? WHERE THE HECK IS THE THING I CALL ME? WHERE AM I LOOKING FROM? I started panicking almost for not being able to find myself in my body. Soon after I was pulled back from my panic and hit with another explosion -“Are you in your emotional body?” I searched quickly? For a second I felt I am close to my heart but could not locate myself completely. Next explosion – “Are you in your mental body?” I was able to see thoughts moving so fast and I was not a thought, I was watching it. Explosions ended! This entire episode last only 10-20 seconds may be, but it shifted my life. I became very concerned with this fact that where am I? So, I started exploring this question – WHERE AM I? If I can locate myself then I will be able to know myself. I will know WHO AM I?

Are you in the body?

The one you call ‘I’ . Is it somewhere inside the flesh and bones, in veins and blood, in cells or in the spaces between the cells. Check it. Check it now. Close eyes and see. Where in the physical body are you?

If you are not in the physical body, then where are you?

Are you in the emotions?

You have said 100 times – I AM ANGRY. Are you Anger? Are you the emotion called Anger. Are you the emotion called fear, grief, worry, shame or guilt? Are you an emotion called happy, joy? Emotions come and go, yet you seem to be here, present always.  Could you be any emotion?

If you are not in these emotions that make up your emotional body then where are you?

Are you in the Mind?

You get 6000 thoughts in a day. You analyse them. You may think -“I am smart”, “I am intelligent”. You may think – “I am dumb”, “I am stupid”. It makes you believe that you are a personality. You have such and such mind set.  So are you in one of these thoughts? or in a collection of thoughts? Are you just inside a culmination of a variety of thoughts?  One day, you have a thought that “I am this” and next day you have a thought that “I am not this”. So, then where are you?

If the one you call you, is not inside a thought then where are you?

Are you in the Energy Systems?

There is prana in your body, there are various chakras, nadis, aura, toroidal field and marmas of your body. Are you within these systems? Are you watching from one of the energy centers? Where are you watching from? Check!

If you are not in one of the energy centers then where are you? 

Are you not the Spirit (Atma) which is ever watching, ever present? 

You are the observer of all of these bodies but do not take my word for it. Find out for yourself by traversing your 5 bodies, just sit and follow the instructions. 

#MeditateWithZenona: ENERGY BOOSTER GUIDED MEDITATION (Name: Travelling 5 bodies)

This is a very powerful sacred meditation that was given to me after my years of experimenting with meditative practices.


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